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About Us

2011-10-25Cairns Affordable Driving School was established in 2010 and it is locally owned and operated. We have a high first-time pass rate, patient instructors and our school is a “NO YELLING” driving school.

Mission Statement

The goal of Cairns Affordable Driving School is to teach you how to drive in a relaxed, safe, and friendly environment, so you learn how to stay safe as a new driver and as a lifetime driver, not just in Australia, but all over the world. We aim to do all of this at a very affordable price that makes it possible for anyone to learn to drive in Cairns, North Queensland.

About Our Instructors


Lia is our newest female driver instructor! Born and raised in the small country town of Innisfail, Lia is a true local. Lia learned to drive tractors from a very early age on her family banana farm. During her 12 years of working in the beauty industry, her honest, bubbly and friendly personality have seen her acquire numerous loyal clients who also regard her as a genuine friend. Lia has been driving for over 15 years – nearly half of her life! She has recently enjoyed teaching her teenage son how to drive. Lia is passionate about teaching people of all ages and backgrounds to become safe and confident drivers, and to develop skills they can use wherever their travels, careers and lives take them. With Lia, you can feel confident that you’re in great hands!

Lia’s qualifications include:

  •  Driving trainer certificate IV
  •  Blue card (qualified to work with youth)
  •  Speaks Hmong fluently
  •  Speaks English fluently
  •  Over 15 years driving experience in Australia
  • One of the Youngest female driver Trainer in the Cairns team.
  • But her experience with Tractor, Quadbike, 4×4 on the Farm on an early age. 


Jojee has over 43 years of driving in Australia and overseas. As soon as she got her license, she made the 4000 km trip from Coober Pedy to the Gold Coast on her own and loved it. She loves driving long distances and the freedom that the open road provides. She’s made that trek, from Cairns to Brisbane to the Gold Coast, and back more than a few times, just for fun. She’s also driven a four-wheel-drive in the outback in West Queensland looking for opals. She can do any road, at any time. Very Popular most of the time fully booked. teaching since > 2015.

Her qualifications include:

• Driver Trainer Certificate IV
• Blue Card Holder (qualified to work with children)
• 38 years of driving experience, driving on both sides of the road in different countries
• Taught several people to driver over the course of her life before choosing to become Driver Trainer.
• Drove a tricycle in the Philippines where there are no rules.
Have you seen The Bourne Legacy? Imagine driving in that!
• Can teach in Tagalog or English
• Has driven all over the world
• Loves to drive


Our  Driver Trainer 32 years old. Trained to drive years ago with Marc as his Trainer and Father, he was authorised to take Marc car after he was able to drive the Kuranda range and the Gillies highway with him after his Licence. that was a long time ago. Boy’s from Cairns Thibaud trained also with is Mate in the cane fields and other. Pizza delivery driver at a young age quickly made him a confident driver with many experiences and many different driving situations and also being exposed to many different vehicles. Behind the wheel for several hours a day,  as he in the Northern Beaches and has many obligations in the city for which he is always travelling for. Travelling South and North of Cairns for several trips. He is a very calm and patient instructor allowing for students to become comfortable with his guidance. 

His qualifications included:

  • Certificate IV Driver Training
  • Blue card holder  (qualified to work with children)
  • 12 years experience driving
  • Younger than most people in the industry
  • Can speak French (good but not fluent)
  • Can speak German and Italian (very limited)
  • Teaching since 2017

He pass Dad test before he can to get his Car.

Marc Office only 

Marc was born in Paris. At sixteen and a half, he was a qualified Chef, having to teach other restaurant staff to do the tasks they didn’t want to do or couldn’t do as quickly as he could. When he moved to Australia, he continued working as a chef and has now lived here for more than twenty-seven years! He’ll tell anyone that listens how much he loves this place. Besides working as an Executive chef, he has worked as a Tafe Tutor and  mentor. In 2009, he began teaching driving full-time, largely because even his children’s told him he was a great teacher and made them feel safe in the car. Since 2009 Marc teached in nearly every language on the planet.

His qualifications include:

• Driver Trainer Certificate IV
• Trainer and Assessor Certificate IV
• Driver trainer for more than five years
• Blue Card Holder (qualified to work with children)
• 45 years of driving experience, driving on both sides of the road in different countries
• Can drive bikes, mopeds, motorbikes of all sizes, cars, trucks, and taxis.
• Can teach in English or French. and other
• Experienced driving in all weather conditions all over the world.
• Over 500,000 km driven since he started teaching
• Knows how to make you feel safe in a car and learn to drive quickly with a Big smile.

Marc has also Trained  Jocelyne (jojee),Thibaud and Lia to be a Good Driver Trainer. His goal is to help you to learn quickly and to drive safely for life, not just to help you pass your test and get your license.This is a “no Yelling driving School”. We can explain the same thing with a big Smile.

All of our instructors are highly skilled and qualified to teach anyone how to drive! Yes, you can do it!


Marc Lesprit Office

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