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Why Us

Being Cairns Affordable Driving School instructors is the best job Marc,  Jojee And Thibaud ever could have hoped for. Here are just some of the highlights of our teaching careers so far:

  • We get to save lives. By being a driving instructor and providing a cheap driving lesson to anyone and everyone, we are making the roads safer. If you stop and think about it, driving is very dangerous—but when you learn the right techniques and have the right driving instructor, you learn how to manoeuvre safely, even if other drivers are not as skilled or attentive as you are. This saves lives every single day!
  • Our students are always willing to learn. Unlike other students learning other subjects that they maybe do not care for, everyone who comes to us actually wants to learn.
  • We get to have fun and make people laugh, which helps our students relax. This atmosphere is also better for learning, since snapping at people and being grumpy can make it very difficult to learn. We’ll even make you smile about your mistakes!
  • We love seeing our student progress, from being nervous new drivers, making the mistakes that everyone mistakes as they learn to drive, and then progressing into confident drivers, and then passing their Queensland driving test. Practice makes perfect and we love to see how their practice pays off!
  • Jojee, Marc have both taught their families to drive, so now they can sleep in the car, instead of always being at the wheel!
  • Jojee, Marc And Thibaud don’t need to go to the Cairns Show for a scary ride they got it for free sometime! J
  • We even get a big hug from the most unexpected happy students!

After you’ve passed your driving test and gotten your license, if you see one of our cars on the road, remember your first lesson: give us some space. Thank you for letting us have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world!

Be safe and stay safe!

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