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Gift Vouchers / Driving lessons Packages

Since 2010 We Offer Printable Gift Voucher

Order a package or “gift voucher” then Book your Lessons. Pay for it.

  1. You will be issued an Email with a code to book your lessons at your choice of time.
  2. Copy the code As Text
  3. Click on the code number you will go directly to the web site for booking.
  4. Do your booking.
  5. Click on redeem gift certificate, paste the code and your booking will be done. Easy.
    • !!! Make sure your Email address is correct any Problem text or call 0418543707!!!!

Forward the gift voucher Email to your friend or family. or keep it for you you deserved it.

We got to Change. Package are divided in 3 category. One hour package, 1.5 hours package, and two hours package, cheaper by the longer time spend in the car, you do less lessons, learn more, longer lesson. and you save.

The “One by One” hour Lessons Packages. 

The “1.5 Hours” Driving Lesson Packages.

The “2 Hours” Driving Lesson Packages.

Have a Safe Drive.

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